Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Newborn Found Dead in Korean Motel

(A Korean mother left her dead baby in a motel room.)

Yesterday, I had song-gay-tong for dinner. Translation? Hot chicken soup with ginseng and rice. This meal is designed to keep one cool during the sweltering Korean summer. And strangely enough, it seemed to work. I slept like a log last night. On top of that, the meal was delicious. I washed the vittles down with lots of water. The month of August has been very intense. I find myself constantly re-hydrating like a thirsty tree in the jungle.

I watched several episodes of Reign. Charles and Catherine are being hunted down by a group of men known as the Red Knights. These scoundrels won't rest until the king and his mother have been beheaded. Meanwhile, Mary returns to Scotland and is captured by the druids. They seem to like her. Unfortunately, they're all murdered by an angry clan, leaving the queen in a world of shit. Reign is designed to entertain teenage girls. For instance, all of the characters are beautiful. Nobody has acne or bad teeth. Nevertheless, I love the show. I hope this doesn't make me a homosexual.

I paid homage to the Christ God. I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees. No big surprise. I'm not some lowly pagan degenerate. I thanked The Savior for his many blessings upon my life. For instance, I still have both my feet. You may laugh, but lots of people can't say this. Think of all those unfortunates who have lost limbs to landmines. Plus I can occasionally afford to take my family to a restaurant. Things could always be worse. I'm just glad that I wasn't born is North Korea.

I went to sleep at 10 p.m. I dreamt about Bill Clinton. I admonished him for his many affairs as president. He bit my fingers. After that, I was kicked and punched by the powers-that-be. I record as many dreams as possible. I sleep with a pen and pad right by the side of my bed. No kidding.

I woke up at 6 a.m. and drank a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. A pregnant Korean woman went out for drinks with her friend. She found an American soldier and took him to a motel room. During the middle of sex, her water broke. While the soldier went to the market to get a sanitary pad, the woman gave birth and the baby died. She left the dead infant in the motel room. The maid found the corpse the next day. The police believe that the poor child was smothered by its mother. We live in a world filled with sin. Maybe the Lord should flood the Earth once again.

I turned on CNN. A lot of political talking heads are calling Donald Trump a narcissist. However, the doctors at the American Medical Association are urging all mental health professionals to keep their mouths shut. They believe that making a diagnosis without meeting a patient one-on-one is a breach of ethics. I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, The Donald does not have narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissists often explode in fits of rage, torturing their children. His relationship with his kids is actually very heartwarming. He's a wonderful dad.

Anyway, my quiver is empty. So long for now, and God bless everybody.

P.S. I've decided to end all my posts with a song. Why not?

(David Bowie: Ashes to Ashes)

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