Monday, September 19, 2016

A Chinese woman kills her four children with an axe

(A Chinese mother murders her kids with an axe.)

Yesterday, I had beef and fried bread for dinner. The meal was delicious. I'm a huge fan of fried bread. All that starch sends me straight to the moon. My wife is a good cook. She excels in all things feminine. I washed the vittles down with several glasses of generic cola. I'm a broke dead dick, so I can't afford the good stuff.

I watched the UFC. The two main fights ended in quick knockouts. Derek Brunson caught Uriah Hall with a nasty left hook. Hall fell to the mat like a sack of bricks. Consequently, the ref stopped the bout very early in the first round. During the main event, Michael Johnson hit Dustin Poirier square in the face with a wicked combination. Again, the contest was stopped in the first round. I love the UFC. The violence puts me on edge.

I paid homage to the Christ God. I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees. No big surprise. I'm not some dirty pagan. I thanked The Savior for his many blessings upon my life. For instance, it's fun to watch the UFC while lying in bed. In fact, life doesn't get much better than that. Sadly, a lot of people never experience this type of joy. They're so poor that they use their hands as toilet paper. Things could always be worse. I'm just glad that I wasn't born in the Philippines.

I went to bed at 10 p.m. I didn't dream. I woke up at 6 a.m. and drank a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. A Korean woman from Jeju Island was murdered by a Chinese tourist. She was stabbed to death as she prayed in church. The reason for this brute's savage violence? The victim looked like his ex-wife. If I were king of the world, I'd throw this bastard off a cliff.

I turned on CNN. A family in northwestern China no longer qualified for government assistance. The mother, a a penniless subsistence farmer, soon realized that she didn't have any money to feed her four children. Sadly, she killed them all with an axe. Then she took her own life. A week later, her husband committed suicide. The Chinese population are now angry at the powers-that-be. The citizens want a solution to rural poverty.

Anyway, my quiver is empty. So long for now, and God bless everybody. Enjoy the song of the day.

(Love Stinks) 


  1. Bambino Rocks thanks for making feel like a dirty old man, but can't look away

  2. Doing ok? No posts for a couple days :(

    1. I'm fine. I should be back today. Sometimes, I just need a little break.

  3. Smith: the dragon lady made naengmyeon this evening and I washed the vittles down with genuine DrPepper. It was awesome.

    1. Hi Chaz.

      Looks like we're both living the good life.