Saturday, December 10, 2016

President impeached

(The South Korean president just got impeached.)

Yesterday, I had bacon and French fries for dinner. I cooked the meat using generous amounts of salt and grease. The strips came out all hot and crisp and delicious.  I'm a wonderful chef. Love is my main ingredient. I washed the vittles down with two bottles of Cham soju. I also drank several large glasses of Cass beer. A good time was had by all.

I watched the latest episode of The Exorcist. The demon is now inside Regan's body. It goes on a bloody rampage, killing several nuns. Casey and Kat know that their mother is pure evil. They try to escape in the wee hours of the early morning with their dad. But the demon is cunning. He stops their attempt and punishes them for their disobedience. I heard that The Exorcist might get canceled. It's down to a million viewers per episode. I'm not surprised. The show is very disturbing. It's just too frightening for television.

I paid homage to the Christ God. I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees. No big surprise. I'm not some filthy pagan. I thanked The Savior for his many blessings upon my life. For instance, it's fun to get drunk and watch the tube. Sadly, lots of people will never experience this type of joy. They live in hovels and wipe their asses with their bare hands. Things could always be worse. I'm just glad that I wasn't born in Liberia.

I went to bed at 10 p.m. I dreamt that I was forced to climb a mountain. I fell from a ledge and died.

I woke up at 7 a.m. and drank a cup of instant coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. The Korean president was impeached yesterday at 7 p.m. I'm not really sure what that means, or how it will impact my life. Heck, I don't even know what crimes she committed. I'm oblivious to Korean politics. I've got my own fish to fry.

I turned on CNN. Don Lemon talked about the Dylan Roof case with a psychiatrist. Dylan is the deranged young man who murdered nine people in a South Carolina black church. The psychiatrist thinks that Mr. Roof is a paranoid schizophrenic. He pointed to Dylan's muted emotions. He talked about the crimes as if he were shopping for groceries. Don, on the other hand, blames racism. They're probably both right.

Anyway, my quiver is empty. So long for now, and God bless everybody. Enjoy the song of the day.

(If You Want Blood)

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