Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to get a Chinese Z-visa while living in Korea

(Have no fear. You can get a Z-visa while living in Korea.)

Getting a Z-visa for employment in China can often be a complete pain in the ass. And its even more frustrating getting the visa while living in Korea. Some people will even tell you that you must first fly home in order to get the paperwork done.

Well, they're wrong. You can accomplish this daunting task right here on the peninsula. First, you should contact a company named Biztrans.  The phone number for Biztrans is 02-7331-135. If you don't speak Korean, don't bother trying. Instead, have one of your many Korean friends make the call on your behalf.

There's another option. The email for Biztrans is The service is both prompt and professional. The first thing they will ask for is a scanned copy of your degree and teaching certificate (if applicable). They'll proceed to get the documents authenticated in the United States for a fee. My buddy paid 550,000 won to get his degree and certificate authenticated. It's not cheap, but it beats hopping on a plane to get the stuff done.

You will also need a criminal background check. You can get that done from here on the peninsula, too. Go to your local Korean cop-shop and ask for a background check for an overseas stay or foreign permission. The regular background check just won't cut it. This can take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days. Again, for better service, bring a Korean friend. Send the document to Biztrans, and they will get it authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in Seoul.

All the hard stuff is over. The rest of the process should go very smoothly--depending on your employer.

Have a wonderful day, and God bless. If you find this post helpful, please leave a comment. Cheers.


  1. Thanks for the info Mr. Smith. Are you considering working in China?

    1. I'm not sure. It's in the back of my mind.

  2. I called them and they told me it's much easier and faster to contact the embassy yourself and post everything.

    Also your instructions are pretty incomplete. It would be great if you could say exactly which documents are needed and where and how to actually get the visa itself.